Words of kindness


As editor and director of the natural horse magazine, “Horse Evolution”, I chose Agnieszka as our cover photographer because of her great ability to convey feelings in images. She manages not only to capture a movement or gesture that makes the photograph special, but she also manages to capture the soul of the beings she photographs, making it unique. As her motto says, “portraying souls.” A luxury to have this great photographer.

Yvonne Tarrida del Mármol

Agnes PErspective selfportrait
Agnes PErspective selfportrait


An incredible photo session with Agnieszka and our dogs. We had a great time and the result was above our expectations; a very nice memory. The treatment is super professional and with a lot of patience… You can tell that she loves animals!!! Totally recommended and almost mandatory. We will repeat for sure… Thank you very much for everything Agnieszka!

Sara Villagrasa Díaz


I have worked with Agnieszka on several occasions, both in personal and professional sessions, which already shows the trust I have in her for any type of work. On a personal level, I have hired books of my two children on several occasions, and I have been delighted with the results of the pictures and, above all, with the process during the sessions. Agnieszka, in addition to great professionalism in her technical work, is wonderful with children and she knows how to handle mothers and the moments of chaos and unforeseen events that happen when working with babies very well. She is flexible, creative, loving and has a lot of ability to improvise. In addition, she advises you on props and styling (colours, accessories, etc.).

On a professional level, I have entrusted Agnieszka with my professional photography for my website and I have recommended on several occasions companies with which she collaborates for their corporate images. In this context, she operates with great correctness, professionalism and flexibility to adapt to the schedules and demands that characterize the business world. I highlight above all her care for detail, her commitment and tirelessness with the desired results – she is not satisfied with “half ways” – and reliability and punctuality are her standards.

Noemí Viedma Ponce

Agnes PErspective selfportrait
Agnes PErspective selfportrait


I chose to work with Agnieszka because not only is she an extremely talented as a photographer, I also felt she understood what I was looking for. I felt comfortable and safe in her presence which was important for this particular self-love photo shoot. Despite having what many consider to be a ‘perfect’ body I grew up with a lot of shame, guilt and fear around it and ignored much of its needs. There have been many steps forward in rewriting the old story over the years and this photo shoot was another wonderful leap. A chance for me to celebrate me and embrace the vessel that I have in this life. This was so much more than a photo session… Agnieszka gave me the opportunity to enter a new chapter of even deeper self-love and appreciation, and for me that’s priceless. She is professional, thorough, caring, understanding, creative and has a gift for capturing the very essence of what a client desires. I highly recommend her as a photographer.

Emma Bradford


I am very happy with the pictures taken by Agnieszka. But the most important thing is that she is patient and spends as much time with the little model as necessary without looking at the clock… She creates a pleasant atmosphere thanks to which the parents and therefore the child feels comfortable and free from stress. Professional preparation. Throughout the session I felt that the baby was safe. The photos that I look at over and over again are really beautiful and remind me of how little my baby girl was. I recommend doing these sessions because your child is a baby only for a moment…

Magdalena Wrukowska

Agnes PErspective selfportrait
Agnes PErspective selfportrait


Her work is spectacular. Agnieszka has a special sensitivity to reflect her feelings in her photographs. She is able to make you feel so comfortable that you forget where you are. That’s why I really enjoyed the company of my two girls during the sessions. They, my horse and my cat, are my treasures.

I have repeated the session, because Agnieszka’s photographs are able to perfectly transmit these special moments that we keep in our hearts. They capture moments that last forever just like feelings.

Elisabet Dos Santos


Agnieszka is a great professional who works with a true vocation. In addition to a wonderful result, the process is done with great love, infinite patience (even with children!), taking care of every detail and waiting for what it takes to immortalize that gesture, that look, that smile that we want to keep forever.

After three sessions with her, I can say that she has managed to surprise me with something new each time and that her pictures have captivated me even more.

Cristina Vázquez

Agnes PErspective selfportrait
Agnes PErspective selfportrait


I found it difficult to imagine how Agnieszka could do her job; managing her equipment and her camera while photographing a playful dog, that was constantly moving from here to there, was complicated. But there she was who, with her professionalism and great sensitivity, knew how to handle the situation perfectly from the first moment. So much so that Carmelo was able to play, explore, eat and have fun nibbling, always at his own pace, while Agnieszka naturally captured, photograph after photograph, the true essence of the restless dog model. We were so comfortable and relaxed that even Carmelo fell asleep under the warmth of the lights.

The three of us had a great time and then came the final touch, when Agnieszka, days later, presented her creation to us: the photo album. Incredible! Being able to relive the experience, remember the beautiful stage of a puppy, be moved by what the images make you feel every time you see them… for me it has incalculable value. As I look at the photographs, I smile from ear to ear and that makes me very happy. Thank you Agnieszka for the work you do.

Mercedes Cano


Our company wanted to do some tests with images of clothes in the studio and of models posing in an environment outdoors. We contacted Agnieszka and she advised us and inspired us a lot of confidence seeing her degree of professionalism and responsibility. The treatment of detail in the image and the perfection in the final result are characteristics of her sometimes unusual self-demand. Always betting on the best option and the satisfaction of her clients. We appreciate all the time she has dedicated to us, having a great collaboration with her.

Jordi  Baudes Boronat

Agnes PErspective selfportrait