Welcome to my world

My mission in this life is to find beauty in everything that surrounds me. In the colours of the sky, in the eyes of animals, in the soul that sleeps in you…

Since I was little, I was very sensitive. Especially to any kind of beauty. I loved watching the sunsets, drawing, listening to the sound of waves, decorating the table for family events, playing with puppies, planting flowers…

Today I’m still the same. I choose to see beauty also where others don’t see it. Starting with myself. What a great job it is to love yourself! Totally, with all our virtues and defects. That’s why I try not to take things too seriously and even working I have a good time.

Through my photographs I want to convey the emotions and magic in life, that is present in every moment and in each one of us. I hope you can contemplate it with me, and that you find a corner for yourself in between takes to disconnect, enjoy and rest.

I feel very lucky to be able to unite all my passions in something we call work. For me it is a way of living. The dog licks I get when I’m lying on the ground, the real smile I get from you in front of the camera, the smell of rain brought by the wind as I walk up the mountain… Being surrounded by nature, animals and the beauty hidden in human beings is priceless.

My goal and the best reward is to see this sparkle of emotion in your eyes when I show you the pictures. For me, a proof that somehow I managed to touch your soul.

Will you let me capture your world through my heart?

Agnes PErspective selfportrait
Agnes Perspective

A little bit of history

I was born in Poland, where I had my first contact with photography. My father had his dark room set up in the garage and for as long as I can remember, I was his favourite subject. I will always remember him with the “Zorki” camera in his hand and the happiness it brought him to be able to freeze moments.

When I finished high school, curiosity about “what lies beyond” pushed me to leave my country and begin my great adventure of traveling, getting to know the world and myself. The immense need to somehow save the experiences I lived led me to buy my first reflex camera. Since then I haven’t separated from it. It was and always will be my means of expression, the extension of my creativity

I graduated in photography at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC) with a specialization in portraiture, landscape and art. After living 17 years in Barcelona, I recently moved to Sweden, where I found my soulmate and where I am building my new, beautiful life, doing what I love the most: create!

My fur family

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a special bond with animals. For me they are the best teachers, especially if we talk about living in the moment. They bring me so much joy and inner peace that it could fill the ocean.

When I was little, and they asked me what I wanted as a gift, my answer was always the same: a dog and a horse. My first animal companion, against my wishes, was a canary bird, Kubuś. He was very special and I loved him very much. On his last day he did not stop singing (despite the fact that he was very old and had not moved for months) until I returned from school. It was his way to say goodbye to me…

Then they gave me a hamster, Madzia, and I had a lot of fun building houses and tunnels for her. But after receiving so many other small animals, at the age of twelve I got desperate and together with my brother went looking for a puppy with the little savings we had. Luckily they didn’t throw me, neither Dragon – my first dog, out of the house.

Since then I have been surrounded by animals and I cannot imagine life without them. They are also my favourite models because, like children, they only show the truth in front of the camera.

Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars. – Les Brow

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