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Territory of frozen mind.


„Time is in the mind, space is in the mind. The law of cause and effect is also a way of thinking. In reality, all is here and now and all is one. Multiplicity and diversity are in the mind only.”  Nisargadatta Maharaj


Many times we live too much in our minds, overthinking and questioning everything. At least that is my case. Taking pictures is my way of living the here and the now. It´s when time stops for me and all that matters is what I can feel through what I see. The series Sinn-land represents my way of dealing with being trapped in the mind. Instead of using the tripod like I normally do in macro-photography, I´ve relayed on stillness and my breath, just like in meditation.


With every little movement of the camera appeared another beautiful landscape inside the frozen balls of flowers. My goal was to catch and freeze the present moment and feelings. And because the ice under the studio light melts so quickly, there was no time to think. You have to free your mind and open your heart to see the hidden beauty. Only then, from the perspective of a heart, it is possible to discover a different world. And what do you see with yours? 


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Titles: Passion, Calmness, Patience, Flow, Freedom, Joy, Authenticity, Clarity

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