Animal Portrait

If you also believe that love knows no species and that a better world is only possible if things are done with heart, this is your place.

I am not a pet photographer, but rather an animal photographer. I don’t know why I don’t like this term “pet”. To me it sounds like the animal is a toy. And for me they are equal to us and are part of the family. The only difference is that they communicate only from the heart and live in the present without prejudice or lies.

 Like us, they have their own personality, different energies, good and bad days. There are things that they like a lot and others that they don’t so much, they fall in love, they get sad… These details that distinguish them and the special bond they have with you are, what I want to be reflected in my photographs.

 To achieve this, I personalize the sessions based on the character of each animal, since they are all different. The prior consultation helps me get to know you and decide which location and format of the session is appropriate for your friend. Their well-being is the most important thing to me and that is why I adapt to each animal’s needs.

 Sometimes it happens that the animal doesn´t feel comfortable and doesn´t want to be photographed, or approached by a stranger. They cannot tell us this with words, but they do let us know with their attitude and body language, and it should be respected. I see a lot of “pretty” pictures out there with scared or stressed animals, at times even in pain, and I wonder what is the price of a photograph?

Agnes PErspective selfportrait

Patience predominates in my sessions and that is what I also ask of you. Animals, like children, are the ones who set the pace. We stop when they are tired and play if they need to release the energy. It is my responsibility that they feel comfortable in front of the camera, and what helps me the most to achieve this is calmness, treats and knowledge about animal behaviour.

In extreme cases of fear and/or aggression, I recommend doing behaviour modification sessions before photographing them. They will serve you not only to be able to take pictures, but also to facilitate your day-to-day coexistence. The truth is that with patience and dedication you can achieve true miracles. It’s so worth it! If you don’t know anyone who can help you, I myself will advise you on professionals who specialize in canine, feline or equine behaviour.

Because there is nothing better than a happy animal. And I know how important your friend is to you. Surely a part of your family, just like mine are to me. Wouldn’t you like to have a beautiful memory for life? Thanks to the photographs of those who have left me along the way, I can still appreciate their typical looks and expressions. The mark they have left seems more alive and fills my heart with joy and gratitude every time I look at them. This way I make sure that I will never forget them.

Would you like to freeze with me your friend’s unique character in a fun and simple way?

Giving back

Both animals and nature are a big part of my life. Out of respect for both of them, I want to give back to them what they are giving me every day also through my work.

I collaborate with the magazine “Horse Evolution” and the shelter “Asociación Defensa Equidos” (ADE), with a project “Finales Felices” (Happy Endings), to raise awareness about abuse, and encourage the adoption of abandoned horses.

If you have an adoption contract (horse or any other animal) I will give you a 200 SEK discount on any session you choose.

In addition, a part of the profits goes to help those animals that have not been as lucky as ours.

Photosession Packs


Photo session


  • previous consultation
  • 60 minutes of shooting
  • 1-2 beings (human or animal)
  • one change of look
  • basic editing and retouching
  • 10 high quality photographs in digital format
  • 1 printed photograph 13×18 cm
  • help in the selection


4500 SEK


Photo session


  • previous consultation
  • 90 minutes of shooting
  • 1-4 beings (human or animal)
  • two changes of look
  • basic editing and retouching
  • 15 high quality photographs in digital format
  • 3 printed photographs 13×18 cm
  • help in the selection


5900 SEK


Photo session


  • previous consultation
  • 120 minutes of shooting
  • 1-6 beings (human or animal)
  • three changes of look
  • basic editing and retouching
  • 20 high quality photographs in digital format
  • 5 printed photographs13x18 cm
  • help in the selection


7500 SEK

Additional costs

 To every session pack this things can be add:


  • 1 extra hour = 500 SEK
  • 1 extra being = 350 SEK
  • 1 photo extra without edition  = 350 SEK
  • 1 photo extra with edition =500 SEK
  • 1 hour of advanced retouching = 800 SEK
  • portable studio = 1000 SEK
  • on location/travel cost = 800 SEK (up to 30km)
  • hairdresser & make up artist = not defined yet
  • photo album = not defined yet
  • gift card = depends on the session you want to book

Gift card

Because non-human animals are those who humanize man.